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Speech Recognition Technology:
During the course of implementing office solutions, a need was felt for a tool which could reduce the time that an individual takes to create a document. This was necessitated further when we discovered an alarming rise of health problems like back problems, dry eyes and wrist problems among young professionals. The search led us to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, the only dictation software that understands the Indian accent of English Speaking. This software offered not only a solution to the above problems, but also preserved the confidentiality of the documents. It also provided the ease of using the portable computers anytime, anywhere for generating text documents. The computers which were once a pain to use became “pleasure to use.” We are the largest selling channel partners with the country distributors of this product, having sold more than 1000 copies of the software in the last 4 years. This product had earned us the highly respected clients in all the sectors of services, professionals and Central & State government ministries. 

Paperless Office:
The concept of paperless office is really difficult to achieve, and so we decided to strive for “less-paper office”.

 PDF Converter Professional

In this software one needs to create, convert and edit PDF files – all within one, easy to use application. You can create PDF documents, secure or digitally sign them, comment on PDF documents or even assemble different PDF or other documents.

·          Gives you everything you need to create, convert and edit PDF files – all within one, easy to use application.
·          Renowned security and mark-up capabilities make collaboration and control easier than ever before. Advanced PDF-A technology ensures that your documents will always display and print reliably while cutting-edge compression techniques pave the way for smaller file sizes and easier sharing.
          What’s more, integration of Nuance’s award-winning speech technology allows any PDF to be read aloud. Combine all this with PDF Converter Professional’s unique form-filling and conversion technology and you truly have “Better PDF for Business”.


The world’s best OCR software makes sure that you never have to type a document again. Just scan the document and Omnipage converts it into editable text, retaining all the formatting & table of the original document.

·         OCR software is preffered as well as favoured by bigger co-operates. Consistently judged the most accurate by independent experts, OmniPage once again sets the gold standard for document conversion and PDF applications. Over the last two years we have worked diligently to break through current speed and accuracy thresholds plus, delivered several innovative features that make OmniPage Professional 16 the first of its kind on a multitude of fronts. The cumulative results are nothing less than astounding!